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Welcome to the Sovereign Professional's Podcast. This is where we unsubscribe from the status quo. Because of all the ways it has demanded you to abandon who you really are for others benefit. My goal is for you to take one step closer to deeper trust in everything that you are above everything else.

Sep 13, 2022

I’ll be the first to confess that I feel a lot of guilt as a parent. In this episode, Rachel Bailey, a parenting expert who works with a lot of lawyers, talks about how our lawyer brain can affect the way we parent, no matter what age our children are and how many we have. I’ll also admit that even though I knew subconsciously that being a lawyer would affect my parenting, I was in denial and would try to assume about myself that I don’t ever allow the lawyer brain to affect my parenting brain, but oh yes, it does. In this episode, Rachel breaks down into bite-sized pieces how we can be more effective in our parenting without the guilt and extra work and still thrive as lawyers. Let’s get started.

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