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Welcome to the Anger Podcast. This is the one space where you will not be judged by your anger, whether it’s why you’re angry or how you’re angry. Instead, we will talk about how to actually experience anger so that you can decide what to do with your anger on your own terms. It is time to let your anger shine so that it can inform you about what you are all about and what you care about.


Jul 21, 2020

I am speaking with a lot of recruiters these days to learn more about the market so I can serve my audience, you guys, with relevant information, and I couldn’t be luckier to be speaking with Natasha Alladina today. In this episode, she answers all the questions about how she arrived at her current job, a job she loves, and in her current capacity, she is able to offer insight on the exact steps to take in networking naturally so that you are prepared for the market when it gradually reopens and if you are looking for a job. And it’s actually easier that you’d think. It starts with being who you are. It can be tricky when there’s so much going on, but Natasha will tell you why it is so important and how you can get there. 

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