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Welcome to the Sovereign Professional's Podcast. This is where we unsubscribe from the status quo. Because of all the ways it has demanded you to abandon who you really are for others benefit. My goal is for you to take one step closer to deeper trust in everything that you are above everything else.

Aug 11, 2020

The perception right now may be that it is difficult to find a job or bounce back from losing a job; there’s just generally so much uncertainty about the future. The phrase “these uncertain times” is almost overused. But I hope that my conversation with Emily Witt today will relieve some of the concerns you may have if you are looking for the next opportunity. Emily is a recruiter and managing director at Whistler Partners, which connects companies and firms to the right lawyers across the country. According to what Emily is seeing, there is way more opportunity than we think there may be. And in this episode, we talk about what you could be doing to maximize the chances of landing that next position that is the right fit, where to look, and how to get into the right mindset. Tune in to hear what she has to say.

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