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My name is Angela Han, and I am obsessed with
all things health. I am a healthcare lawyer, a
personal trainer, a wellness coach, and a yoga
instructor. I help busy lawyers overcome their
physical and mental challenges through wellness training.
I found my life’s purpose from my biggest
pain point: my own health journey

Disclaimer: This podcast is not to be confused with the personal training services provided by Tricia Schafer's Fit to Practice program based in Arizona. Please visit her amazing services at

Sep 14, 2021

At some point in our careers, we start thinking about transitions. Many times transitioning in-house, being part of the business decisions, the community of non-legal colleagues, the culture of forward thinking. That is the romantic vision that we have for in house positions. Some people think this is all a dream, but at least I don’t. As in-house counsel, I do believe in the American in-house dream. That is why I am so happy to have Sheila Murphy, a corporate lawyer of 24 years now turned coach for lawyers who want to climb the corporate ladder. Today she is sharing what she shares with her clients on going up the ladder with ease and joy. So many golden nuggets in here. 

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