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My name is Angela Han, and I am obsessed with
all things health. I am a healthcare lawyer, a
personal trainer, a wellness coach, and a yoga
instructor. I help busy lawyers overcome their
physical and mental challenges through wellness training.
I found my life’s purpose from my biggest
pain point: my own health journey

Disclaimer: This podcast is not to be confused with the personal training services provided by Tricia Schafer's Fit to Practice program based in Arizona. Please visit her amazing services at

Nov 5, 2019

When we talk about family law and domestic violence, we actually don’t really talk about it. It is typically a private matter, and it ends up being taboo. You hear a lot about corporate and public initiatives about combating sexual assault and abuse at the workplace, but not a lot about domestic violence. Maybe because it is too personal, maybe because it is too complicated, but in my conversation with Mujdah Rahim, I learned a lot about how domestic violence matters as a public health crisis that is closer to us than may seem. Like, it could be happening to a close friend, or it could be something that any of us could experience. Understanding more about what it means to support victims of domestic violence on a daily basis really opened my eyes to how it should be more part of the conversation we have on health and safety.