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My name is Angela Han, and I am obsessed with
all things health. I am a healthcare lawyer, a
personal trainer, a wellness coach, and a yoga
instructor. I help busy lawyers overcome their
physical and mental challenges through wellness training.
I found my life’s purpose from my biggest
pain point: my own health journey

Disclaimer: This podcast is not to be confused with the personal training services provided by Tricia Schafer's Fit to Practice program based in Arizona. Please visit her amazing services at

Sep 20, 2022

Post-traumatic stress disorder is common among lawyers, but the culture we live in dictates that we do not talk about it or even take it seriously. So this conversation with Caroline Conway, a New York lawyer, was refreshing because she offered such profound insight to what it really is like to have not just PTSD but complex PTSD that adds more layers to the programming we adopt in our brain. As Caroline shared her experiences, there were so many moments where I was like, I’m not the only one! So I hope you also take away from this chat that whatever you may be going through that you think is not appropriate to talk about with others, that actually may not be the case. Let’s get started.

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