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Welcome to the Sovereign Professional's Podcast. This is where we unsubscribe from the status quo. Because of all the ways it has demanded you to abandon who you really are for others benefit. My goal is for you to take one step closer to deeper trust in everything that you are above everything else.

Dec 15, 2020

Jonathan Liu is a former lawyer and now a real estate agent, investor, and entrepreneur. And all that sounds fancy, but really, as Jon will tell you, it was a pretty scary experience. If you are thinking of making the jump but are thinking “maybe one day,” this may be the episode for you. In our conversation, Jon talks about his greatest fears before making the jump and how he overcame them, and about his greatest challenges after making the jump and how he addressed it. Because for me, I’ve learned the most from the people who have walked the path that I want to be on. So if you want to be on the path of entrepreneurship and post-lawyerhood, stay tuned to hear more about Jon’s incredible story.


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