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Welcome to the Sovereign Professional's Podcast. This is where we unsubscribe from the status quo. Because of all the ways it has demanded you to abandon who you really are for others benefit. My goal is for you to take one step closer to deeper trust in everything that you are above everything else.

Aug 10, 2021

In moments of utter confusion or just blankness, it’s hard to find the answers you’re looking for. But how can you find answers if you don’t know what questions to ask? In this episode with Anya Smirnova, a former lawyer and now coach in the UK, talks about some of the most unexpected changes in her life that led her to ask the right questions for her answers. All the twists and turns that you had to go through in your life, all the feelings and the thoughts that keep jumping out at you, they give you important clues on your next steps. Tune in to find to out how.


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