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Welcome to the Anger Podcast. This is the one space where you will not be judged by your anger, whether it’s why you’re angry or how you’re angry. Instead, we will talk about how to actually experience anger so that you can decide what to do with your anger on your own terms. It is time to let your anger shine so that it can inform you about what you are all about and what you care about.


Dec 3, 2019

Your health is related to your money. Taking care of your health can make you money. How? That is exactly what I talk about with Wendy Witt, founder of her company Million Dollar Attorney. Through her work she helps solo practitioners literally earn a million dollars, and she’s in business for a reason. Her methods work. What are her secrets? It doesn’t involve monumental shifts and a complete change in lifestyle. Just like health, you start small. First step? Designing the life you want. She will help you believe your way to make it a reality, and she describes the exact steps in this episode.

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