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Welcome to the Anger Podcast. This is the one space where you will not be judged by your anger, whether it’s why you’re angry or how you’re angry. Instead, we will talk about how to actually experience anger so that you can decide what to do with your anger on your own terms. It is time to let your anger shine so that it can inform you about what you are all about and what you care about.


Jan 3, 2023

A lot of leaders suffer in silence because they have an additional layer of pressure to be perfect. I am talking about leaders as in individuals who are in a position of power in an institution, whether it is a company or a firm or some organization. And I define leaders here in this way because that word can mean different things to different people. In this episode, Lauren Krasnow, a lawyer and leadership coach, and I talk specifically about what it looks like to be in a position where you are managing others and need to deal with a whole new expansive set of responsibilities that can feel very overwhelming, no matter where you are at in your journey. 

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