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My name is Angela Han, and I am obsessed with
all things health. I am a healthcare lawyer, a
personal trainer, a wellness coach, and a yoga
instructor. I help busy lawyers overcome their
physical and mental challenges through wellness training.
I found my life’s purpose from my biggest
pain point: my own health journey

Disclaimer: This podcast is not to be confused with the personal training services provided by Tricia Schafer's Fit to Practice program based in Arizona. Please visit her amazing services at

Jun 2, 2020

A lot of you may be familiar with Frank Ramos, who is an authority on all things related to being fit to practice, even if you may not be a lawyer. Almost every day he posts about how to survive and thrive as a law student or a lawyer. One notable thing about Frank is that he just continues to give and give. If you were ever wondering what “no strings attached” really means, this is it. He makes time for fellow legal professionals who are trying to find their path to a fulfilling career, and he offers his time and wisdom with zero expectations because he simply empathizes with where they are coming from. If you are wondering what your next steps are or are frustrated with what’s going on in the world right now and you’re trying to find your footing during these times, this may offer some hope. Tune in to hear what Frank has to say about pursuing your passion, being happy, and being great at what you do.

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