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Welcome to the Anger Podcast. This is the one space where you will not be judged by your anger, whether it’s why you’re angry or how you’re angry. Instead, we will talk about how to actually experience anger so that you can decide what to do with your anger on your own terms. It is time to let your anger shine so that it can inform you about what you are all about and what you care about.


Jan 10, 2023
In this episode, Angela meets Saira Rao, political activist, author, publisher, and former Wall Street lawyer and television producer. 
She is the co-founder of "Race2Dinner", in which she and her partner in the project, Regina Jackson, imagine a world without white supremacy and misogyny. 
Saira and Regina attend dinners with 8–10 white women, hosted and catered by one of the women, and lead a conversation aimed at confronting the women with their own racism. An Apple iTunes documentary Deconstructing Karen explores the Race2Dinner concept. 
They are also co-authors of White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better
A long-time supporter of the Democrats, Saira became disillusioned at their failure to recognise, or combat, racism in daily life and in the corridors of power. She ran for Congress in 2018, losing out in the primary to the Democrat incumbent