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Welcome to the Anger Podcast. This is the one space where you will not be judged by your anger, whether it’s why you’re angry or how you’re angry. Instead, we will talk about how to actually experience anger so that you can decide what to do with your anger on your own terms. It is time to let your anger shine so that it can inform you about what you are all about and what you care about.


Feb 16, 2021

I am really excited about this episode because I am a huge believer that money is NOT evil. I had to unlearn a lot of messages that I got growing up about how money doesn’t grow on trees and how it can cause relationships to break. When, in reality, money can improve relationships and bring about more intimacy - not just in romantic relationships but also among people in general.

So today, I speak with Adam Kol, who is already an expert on money to begin with as he started with a Masters of Law in tax, and worked as a tax consultant for a large accounting firm. Now he is a financial counselor, working with couples on how to talk about money in a way that feels easy and breezy. In this episode, he shares his framework on how to talk about it and what to do when the conversation goes awry. Isn’t it exciting? 

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