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Welcome to the Sovereign Professional's Podcast. This is where we unsubscribe from the status quo. Because of all the ways it has demanded you to abandon who you really are for others benefit. My goal is for you to take one step closer to deeper trust in everything that you are above everything else.

Aug 9, 2022

This conversation will be about so many things that we very rarely talk about as lawyers: not choosing to have children, living an autonomous life, building a law practice with many areas of specializations. How do we actually go about living life and contributing to our community on our own terms? That is what we explore with Tricia Schafer, a small law firm owner who has made unconventional decisions over the course of her life despite all the noise about what she was “supposed” to do. Many times, being fit to practice is about the courage to do things differently so that you can see results that nobody expected before. 

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