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My name is Angela Han, and I am obsessed with
all things health. I am a healthcare lawyer, a
personal trainer, a wellness coach, and a yoga
instructor. I help busy lawyers overcome their
physical and mental challenges through wellness training.
I found my life’s purpose from my biggest
pain point: my own health journey

Disclaimer: This podcast is not to be confused with the personal training services provided by Tricia Schafer's Fit to Practice program based in Arizona. Please visit her amazing services at

Aug 30, 2022

In many ways, we are all introverted in some way. Especially when we doubt ourselves, it’s hard to be all open and happy about our doubts. Heidi Brown, a prolific and prominent writer and professor, joins me today to tell us what it really means to address our anxiety around being a lawyer. There are so many...

Aug 23, 2022

The work is never done in closing the gap. As Namita cites in the interview, we are estimated to be 135 years away from true gender parity. What does that mean for us? I wonder if there is some way to accelerate the process, and another part of me wonders if it even will be closed 135 years later. Namita Luthra is a...

Aug 16, 2022

As you will hear in this episode, we worry a lot about things that we are not going to be worried about 5 years from now or many years from now in our deathbed. That rude email or the deadline that feels like is the end of the world are actually not the end of the world. But having perspective and actually attaining...

Aug 9, 2022

This conversation will be about so many things that we very rarely talk about as lawyers: not choosing to have children, living an autonomous life, building a law practice with many areas of specializations. How do we actually go about living life and contributing to our community on our own terms? That is what we...

Aug 2, 2022

When it comes to money, some of us may have a lot of anxiety around how to manage it and grow it, no matter how much of it we have. Whether we have debt or whether we have millions coming in, we want to be conscientious about how we maintain and build our wealth. But often times we are a bit stuck on how to even get...